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A Note from our Founder

Hey there, I’m Donnya Piggott, an LGBTQ Activist from the beautiful and evolving nation of Barbados in the Caribbean. As a black lesbian woman who has travelled all over the world, I’ve always managed to explore enough to find a sense of freedom and belonging, and in countries where I never thought I’d ever find it.

I founded Pink Coconuts for that reason--to share this feeling of freedom and belonging through beautiful people and places. Our vision is to open the doors of travel to all destinations worldwide with the help of local LGBTQ people, advocates, and allies. I have embarked on this journey to build a more inclusive world, in which people feel safe, welcomed, and free to explore and travel anywhere without limits, while using travel to empower the foundation of local LGBTQ communities.

Imagine travelling anywhere in and throughout a world where you can experience luxury and adventure, regardless of what you look like, where you come from, and who you love.

This is Pink Coconuts.

We welcome you.


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